Gas Station Credit Cards

Gas Station Credit Cards

With the high price of fuel these days it is rare to get a break on the price of gasoline, but with a gas rebate credit card you may be able to ease some of the expense while keeping track of your spending habits at the same time.

Gas station credit cards are known as incentive or rewards cards. Several of the biggest credit card companies have card programs with incentives that offer free gas rewards. Similar to frequent flyer miles, gasoline credit card holders can earn points every time a purchase is made. These points add up every time you fill up and can be converted into free gas or other bonuses.

Applying for a gasoline rebate credit card may also be beneficial if you maintain a good credit history. Lenders will compete to keep you as a loyal customer and lower your interest rates if you continue to pay off balances each month. Many gas cards can initially be obtained at a zero interest introductory rate. This rate will last anywhere from six to twelve months. Be careful to read over the fees and agreements before choosing your card.

So if you are planning to take that trip across the country this year or simply need to get to work five days a week, think about getting a gasoline rebate credit card. A card like this can help keep you driving and save you money at the pump.


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